10 Tips On Planning an Amazing Backyard Wedding


Are you thinking about having a backyard wedding reception?

If you are thinking about having a backyard wedding, this can be a beautiful and memorable approach to your special day!


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Here Are 10 Tips On Planning an Amazing Backyard Wedding

If you are dreaming of having a beautiful and memorable backyard weeding, there are some details you should take into consideration when doing your planning.

Here are our best backyard wedding ideas, tricks and answers, whether you’re getting married here in Southern California or elsewhere.

  1. The Planning Stage
  2. Start Preparing Early
  3. Time to Pick the Theme
  4. Tenting it up!
  5. Get them a Dance Floor
  6. Light it up!
  7. Rent it Out
  8. Separating might be a good idea?!
  9. Game Zone
  10. Create Beautiful Memories


1. The Planning Stage

Having a backyard wedding, instead of in a venue, can be a great way to save some money and stay on budget, but there are many things to take into consideration. The first question to ask would be, do you, your parents or someone you know have a big enough backyard?

The answer to this will depend on the amount of guests you would like to have. Depending on the guest size, will depend the size of the backyard you will need. If you or no one you know has a big enough backyard, you can always rent one. There are many homes with BIG backyards that rent them out for all types of occasions.

Are you envision a plated dinner or a buffet?  Passed hors d’oeuvres and cocktail bar or grilled picnic food?

Will you be hosting your ceremony in the backyard, or just the reception?  If you’re planning on doing both, this might require you to have more space.

Helping Tip: Talk to rental company or your caterer, we have done this once or twice, so we can be of great help!


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2. Start Preparing Early

With your help, Nature can provide your backyard wedding with an abundance of decor. Plan ahead, at least 8 to 10 weeks ahead.

Start to plant right now with the layout you want on your wedding day. Again, be sure to plant seeds and plants that are appropriate to the season. Your local botanist or flower company might help you with this process.

Choosing to work with your wedding planner, rental company and caterer early in your planing process can help things go smother and less stressful. Sometimes having someone there with an experience eye can help you see things, you might of otherwise overlooked.


3. Time to Pick the Theme


Going for a simple backyard wedding or more of an elaborate, elegante wedding design, your theme will drive most of your decorative decisions.

Want a Vintage wedding? How about more Traditional? Country? or Rustic? the fact is that every theme requires different flowers, photo frames, centerpieces, chairs, linens, catering choices and more!

Choosing the right theme early is key.


4. Tenting it up!

We highly recommend you rent tents for your backyard wedding. The truth is, you’re dealing with mother nature and you won’t be able to predict weather conditions with 100% accuracy.

Plus, your guest will be happy if their is shelter they can go under is it get s a bit to hot, cold or windy. Tents are always a great idea no matter if your backyard wedding will be big or small. 

Here’s a tip: When renting your tend think about your decorations, table cloths and other table tops. You don’t want anything blowing away because of nasty breeze!


5. Get them a Dance Floor

What do you get when there is no dance floor in a backyard wedding reception? 

A bunch of wholes in the grass!

Not only is renting a dance floor great for the grass, it’s also nice for the women in high heels. Having a flat and smooth surface will provide your guests with comfort, plus it looks great.


6. Light it up!

One of the biggest perks to any backyard wedding is that you can light up the night with as many or as little light as you feel needed. We recommend stringed lights. You can string them on the roof of the tents, around the trees, Crossing on top of the dance floor. The ideas are endless.

Don’t forget you can also use a verity of lights. Chinese lanterns, candles on tables, and other types of lights can give that unique look to your backyard wedding.

Lights are always a well worth upgrade to any backyard wedding.


7. Rent it Out

When renting tables and chairs you can rent them from a rental company or you can also rent them straight from your catering team. Caterers usually have the equipment themselves, rent it out or will recommend someone they trust and worked with in the past.

Here’s a helpful tip: Ask your rental company or your caterer if they will do all the setting up or will you have to do it. We always recommend going with “them” setting it up, even if it requires an extra charge. You already will be having to much on your plate that day and you’ll appreciate and enjoy knowing that professionals are on the job. This way all you have to do (or assigned someone you trust) is sign for the rental equipment.

While you’re renting, make sure to take the weather into consideration. Ask your rental company or catering team what they offer to cool down guests on a hit and sunny day. Or how to warm them up, on a cool evening. You and your guest will enjoy your backyard wedding more if you’re prepared ahead of time.

Another helpful tip: Ask your catering team if the plates and silverware are included in the price or is that something you will have to rent out as well.  You’ll be surprise, but sometimes going with real plates and silverware might be more affordable than going with fancy fake ware! 


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8. Separating might be a good idea?!

Depending on the size of your backyard and if room is available, you might consider having separate “areas” or “zones” 

Having some casual sitting areas away from the dance and eating area might be a nice romantic touch. Having different areas for your guest is what makes a backyard wedding different than your traditional venue wedding.


9. Game Zone

Have some fun on your backyard wedding. Guest will be looking for something to do while they wait for you to finish your photos or while they are having cocktails. So having small areas where they can play some Bocce, Croquet or even some Ladder Golf make for an interesting and memorable backyard wedding!

Great Tip: Take a look at your guest list and see how many will be bringing the kids. You might want to set up a spacial “Kids Tent” area where they can have their own entertainment and fun. The more they are entertained and having fun, the less likely it will be for them to wonder into trouble.


10. Create Beautiful Memories

When thinking back on your special day, you’ll be thankful you had several ways to capture the day. Of course hiring a photographer for the wedding ceremony is a must, but don’t forget about the reception. Having both a photographer and videographer walking around documenting as much as possible is a well worth investment.

Also consider renting out a photo booth for you and your guest. Having a photo or video guest book can be a great way to capture those perfect moments.


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