Seated Served Entrée

Seated Plated Meal Menu


Below is a sample of the most popular seated served Entrée menu format we provide here at Elegante Catering winner of the knot’s 2021 best of weddings!


The Platinum Package.


Of course, this is a recommendation. Feel free to let us know what YOU would like and we will do our best to make your event go exactly how you’re envisioning it!


The bottom time frame is based on efficiency and ease for your guests. You are able to customize the menu items and time frames to your exact preference and budget.


If you would like a guided tour of this menu, call us for a no-obligation consultation to create your perfect menu, ask for a quote, and to answer any question you may have.


One of our professional catering coordinators will be happy to guide you through the process.


(909) 559-1561 or email us at

Elegante Catering Wedding Menu



Hors D’Oeuvres (Station)


We will keep your guests happy while you and your fiance take picture right after the ceremony. We will place an hors d’oeuvres station in the reception area for one hour. Your guests will have the choice of 3 different types of our delicious Hors D’Oeuvres, with an average of 2 to 3 per guest.


You may also upgrade to the Passed hors d’oeuvres.


This upgrade will grant you an hour of your guests’ mingling and catching up with each other as our professional staff blend into the environment serving your guests our delicious Hors D’Oeuvres.


The option of having a combination of passed and station hors d’oeuvres is available for an extra cost and upon request.


Click here for a list of Hors D’Oeuvres you may choose from


shrimp mini guacamole bites appetizers at the grove of redlands shrimp mini cocktails appetizers at the grove of redlands chicken kabobs appetizers at the grove of redlands

mac and cheese bites and jalapeno poppersveggie platterappetizer station hidden oaks of rancho cucamonga

Beverages and Coffee Station


We will make sure your guests are never thirsty!


A water and coffee station will be set up and ready to go by the start of the hors d’oeuvres hour. Guests will be welcome to approach the station and serve themselves at any time.


Once your guests are seated and dinner is being served our friendly staff will be serving and refilling your guests Lemonade and Iced Tea throughout dinner. (Other drink flavors are available upon request.)




You may choose to serve your salad American style, this is to serve the salad right BEFORE the main course is served. Or you might want to go for a European style, which is to serve the salad AFTER the main course.


The choice is yours, but whatever you choose, be certain that your guests will be satisfied with one of our cool and crisp choices of salads.


Click here for a list of salads you may choose from


Main Entree


Our executive chef and staff will cook and plate, for your guests, a three-item meal. Each plate will consist of a Protein, Veggie Side and a Starch Side accompanied with a flavorful baked roll and butter.


You will be able to provide your guests, ahead of time, with their choice of a Beef or Chicken option or Vegetarian (Vegan) option is added to the meal plan.


Click here to see a list of our Elegante Entrees you may choose from

Click here for a list of our sides you may choose from



Besides your amazing cake (not provided by Elegante Catering) your guests will be able to indulge themselves in 4 different types of desserts! Usually, our staff will set this up while your guests are finishing up dinner.


This has been one of our most popular and effective ways of structuring a wedding dinner. This provides the Bride&Groom and their guests a fantastic and romantic memory of the wedding dinner!


If you like to speak to one of our catering coordinators please call (909) 559-1561 to have all your questions answer and receive a quick quote.


You may also decide to fill out the Online “Receive a Quote” Form when you CLICK HERE and one of our catering coordinators will contact you as soon as possible.

(NOTE: Fridays through Sundays we are usually creating wedding dinner magic and a delay in contacting you may occur.)


Elegante Catering Team