Fajita Catering Sacred Heart Church Rancho Cucamonga

If you’re looking for Mexican Catering that is something different than tacos, then you’ll love our Fajita Catering Menu!


Check out this Fajita Catering for 120 guests at Sacred Heart Church in the City of Rancho Cucamonga CA.


Fajita Catering Sacred Heart Church Rancho Cucamonga

Fajita Catering Sacred Heart Church Rancho Cucamonga

Fajita Catering Sacred Heart Church


Tacos will always be a party favorite when it comes to catering, and when you choose to hire The Taco Specialist you’ll get nothing but the best! But today we won’t be talking about tacos!


Today is all about Fajita Catering!


You, like many other people, are surprise to hear that fajitas can be catered. This is a great option for any event, from weddings, birthday parties to corporate luncheons.


We provide our fajita catering as buffet style, where you choose your favorite plate and we serve it for you.

fajita bar catering services by elegante catering


You will be able to choose from the traditional grilled chicken and steak, to the yummy favorites as Carnitas (pulled pork) and shrimp!


For today’s event the hostess went with grilled chicken and steak.


We choose only the best and freshest meat cuts. For our chicken we choose breast meat, for a thick and succulent taste. For our steaks we choose beef loin flap meat, for a perfect and juicy steak!


We do all our grilling and cutting on site to ensure that we provide you with the freshest meats and taste possible.

cutting meat for fajita catering rancho cucamonga


Usually one of the most asked questions we get is… “how long do you need to prep and cook before you start serving?”


For our fajita bar we need 1 and a half hours to 2 hours before we start serving. This time will be decided on the amount of guests and meats you are planning on having.


Here’s part of the team setting up the topping and desert tables.


Fajita Catering Rancho Cucamonga


Apart from cooking the meat we also cook the veggies, because what would fajitas be without the veggies?


The veggies are a combination of white onions, green bell peppers and red bell peppers!


Of course there are the toppings! Oh the toppings! You have a variety of toppings to make your fajita plate your own.


Choose from red & green salsa, pico de gallo, limes, sour cream, cheese and guacamole!

You do have many other options you can add, like “Aguas Frescas” mexican flavored waters and deserts!


Here is what a couple of people had to say about our fajitas and service right after we uploaded some pictures on Facebook!

elegante catering best fajita catering service

…even Father Ben gave us the thumbs up! If you attend sacred heart and know Father Ben, he is very particular about what food he likes, so to get the thumbs up from him means a whole lot!

This was a great event and we were honer to be chosen to cater!

sacred heart fajita bar catering near rancho cucamonga

If you are planning an event and are interested in our Fajita Catering Bar you can fill out our quote form or call (909) 559-1561 for quick quote.


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