Catering Chino Hills CA and Surrounding Areas

Do you need catering services in Chino Hills CA? Great! Because today we’ll reveal 3 Top Catering trends that will satisfied your taste buds and wow your guests.


Catering Chino Hills CA

catering chino hills CA


When it comes to catering in Chino Hills, Elegante Catering has the experience and talents to make it happen!


We’ve been the preferred caterer for Catering Chino Hills CA for quite some time. Our mission is to provide you with great taste, an amazing look and excel in service!


Today I’ll pull the curtain on 3 of the top trending menus that have been causing a frenzy when it comes to Catering Chino Hills CA and the Surrounding Areas!


Catering Chino Hills CA


#1 Italian Pasta Bar Catering

Catering Chino Hills CA and Surrounding Areas


Imagine for a moment your at the event you’re now planning. Today is the day and all your guests have arrived and they came hungry, expecting to be fed something delicious.


We signal you that the food, that has been cooked on site fresh, is ready to be served. As You and Your guests start to line up.


With the Pasta Bar Menu, You have the ability to put together your favorite pasta plate. Allowing You to choose from two types  of pastas, pick your favorite sauce marinara or Alfredo sauce (or mix them!) and choose from Meat Balls, Grilled Chicken and Italian Sausage!


Once you’ve chosen from more than a dozen ways to fill your plate, you top off your plate with our fresh and crisp house salad. We make our salad with Romain lettuce, dried cranberries, salad mix, croutons and we grate real Parmesan cheese.


Then You’ll receive a fresh baked roll, with individually warped butter.


You’re not done yet!


There is still the topping table! You may choose to from a variety of fresh toppings for your pasta or salad. Top of your plate with Parmesan cheese, black olives,


The Italian pasta bar catering menu is perfect for any occasion and any size event. We can serve this menu as a Buffet Served Style menu or as a Sit and Serve Style menu.


Call or Text to receive a quick quote (909) 559-1561 (Include Name, # Guests, Event Date and Best number to reach you at)


Catering Chino Hills CA


#2 Mexican Fajita Bar Catering

Mexican Fajita Bar Catering


Do you like Mexican food? Do you like Fajitas?


Then you’ll love of our one of a kind Fajitas Bar Catering Menu!


Your plate starts with a fresh grilled veggies. Caramelized onions, green bell pepper and red bell peppers!


You then move the line to choose your meat. Steak, Grilled Chicken or a combination of both! Finish it off with a side of beans and Mexican rice.


You will have a choice of fresh flour or corn tortillas. Then on to the Salsa Bar Station!


Fajita Salsa Bar Station: Chips, Red & Green Salsa, Pico de Gallo, Limes, Cheese, Sour Cream and Guacamole! Holy Guacamole that’s a lot of choices! haha


If you would like to receive a quote fill out our Request Quote Form or text/call (909) 559-1561

taco man catering menu by the taco specialist


Catering Chino Hills CA


#3 Taco Bar Catering



Love Tacos?


Who doesn’t love tacos, right? Here’s an old time favorite, the Taco Cart!


The Taco Bar Catering Menu consists of your traditional choices. Steak, Chicken and Pork tacos. Rice, beans chips red & green salsa, limes, radishes, onions and Cilantro!


That’s our MILD PACKAGE which is our traditional taco cart menu choice, but we have atotal of 3 Packages.


MEDIUM PACKAGE includes everything in the MILD PACKAGE plus quesadillas, grilled veggies, deep fried jalapenos and cheese.


HOT PACKAGE includes everything in our MILD PACKAGE and the MEDIUM PACKAGE plus 2 flavors of Mexican Aguas (Drinks), House Salad, 4 flavors of Salad Dressings and a variety of cookies.


This is not your typical Taco Man this is The Taco Specialist!

elegatne catering veggies steak chicken pork


In Conclusion


Those are the 3 menu choices that are trending in when it comes to Catering Chino Hills CA!


You can see clearly the reasons why people are choosing these menu choices. They are fun, different and very flavorful!


Plus they can fit many types of catering events. Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Lunches, School Events, Meetings, Graduations and More!


If you are interested in any of these menu choices and would like more information or a quote call/text (909) 559-1561 or Fill out our Request a Quote Form! We’ll be happy to cater your next event!


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